Talent Recruitment

  • Warehouse Manager

    Responsibilities: Mainly responsible for the receipt, delivery and accounting of warehouse materials. Achieve first-in-first-out, control inventory and control costs. Know electronic components, understand component management and safety protection, skillfully operate warehouse management ERP system, work carefully, and have a strong sense of responsibility. Good attitude, team spirit, need to work overtime, the company provides accommodation. The company has many promotion opportunities and good holiday benefits.
    Salary structure: high-paying recruitment, salary between 4.5-6K, the specific salary is interviewed according to work ability, welfare products are distributed during holidays, and red envelope bonuses are available at the end of the year and start of work. The company provides accommodation for free. More than 3 years of work experience, the stronger the ability, the higher the salary. People with no work experience mistakenly submit resumes.

  • QE Engineer

    Content: 1. Responsible for controlling and managing product quality, setting quality objectives, and guiding production organizations in quality control 2. To handle and improve non-conforming products, establish a handling plan, trace and develop corrective measures to ensure timely handling of non-conforming products 3. Responsible for developing internal/external inspection standards 4. Regularly conduct data analysis during the production process, develop improvement plans, and implement improvement plans 5. Improve quality service, respond quickly to customer feedback issues, and improve customer satisfaction 6. Cultivate and guide the work of new employees and improve their work abilities Requirements: 1. College degree or above, majoring in electronics 2. Familiar with electronic manufacturing and assembly processes, with at least two years of working experience in an electronics factory 3. Strong sense of responsibility and good communication skills.

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