Company Profile

Ningbo Shunhe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Ningbo area. It is a PCBA manufacturer integrating R&D and manufacturing. Products include most household appliances control panels, kitchen appliances control panels, and some industrial use products and equipment control panels.

Our company has a professional R&D and manufacturing team. The supervisors and core members of the R&D department, quality control department and production department have many years of industry experience; at the same time, we have advanced automated production equipment, including: SMT automatic placement machine, automatic assembly line, Lead-free wave soldering, etc.


Talent recruitment

  • Electronics Engineer

    Requirements: college degree or above, major in electronics, more than 3 years of experience in small home appliance product design, and ability to independently complete product hardware design and software design. Familiar with assembly, C language, etc., familiar with at least 3 or more brand microcontrollers, and excellent technology. Understand project management, product process optimization, production technical support; strong sense of work responsibility, able to withstand work pressure. You need to work overtime appropriately according to the work progress, strong communication skills, teamwork spirit and professionalism.
    Salary: A high-paying electronic R&D engineer is looking for, software and hardware are merged, and the specific salary is interviewed according to ability. Inappropriate candidates should submit resumes.

  • Purchase

    1. According to PMC plan, place material purchase order.
    2. Responsible for tracking and following up the material delivery date.
    3. Monthly reconciliation.
    4. Abnormal handling of production line materials.
    5. Quotation of new products.
    6. Development of new suppliers.
    6. Monthly summary of purchase orders.
    Requirements: Familiar with PCB'A electronic components in the small home appliance industry, and have supply resources and channels. Strong sense of work responsibility and able to bear work pressure. Digital sensitive, skilled in using ERP system. Worked for more than 3 years with a correct attitude. The company has great opportunities for development and promotion.
    Salary: Working 26-28 days a month, the company provides accommodation; full attendance bonus of 200 yuan per month for full attendance, 100 yuan for working age bonus for 1 year, no additional working age bonus for 300 yuan for 3 years.
    Holiday benefits are good, with bonuses at the end of the year. Overtime pay can be negotiated face to face according to actual conditions.

  • Warehouse Manager

    Responsibilities: Mainly responsible for the receipt, delivery and accounting of warehouse materials. Achieve first-in-first-out, control inventory and control costs. Know electronic components, understand component management and safety protection, skillfully operate warehouse management ERP system, work carefully, and have a strong sense of responsibility. Good attitude, team spirit, need to work overtime, the company provides accommodation. The company has many promotion opportunities and good holiday benefits.
    Salary structure: high-paying recruitment, salary between 4.5-6K, the specific salary is interviewed according to work ability, welfare products are distributed during holidays, and red envelope bonuses are available at the end of the year and start of work. The company provides accommodation for free. More than 3 years of work experience, the stronger the ability, the higher the salary. People with no work experience mistakenly submit resumes.

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